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Are you benefiting from the explosion of the Knowledge economy?

My name is Salvador Posada, and, for the last 15 years I’ve been working behind the scenes consulting and supporting driven business owners in various industries, some of which generate millions of dollars per year through their respective businesses.

Recently, however, I’ve felt a calling to focus on supporting Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators.

The reason I’ve decided to focus on supporting entrepreneurs in those fields is that I believe in their vision and mission to help a lot of people get unstuck in different areas of life so they can thrive.

There are many people looking for a breakthrough or a transformation in the face of the challenges they’re going through that is affecting either their health, their self-image, their relationships, their careers, and/or their finances in a negative way.

And I believe that having an Expert helping them navigate through their obstacles is one of the best ways for them to overcome their challenges and come out ahead.

The Coaching industry alone is just booming.

According to, the market size sat at around $5.24 Billion dollars in 2023 - that’s “Billion” with a capital “B” - and that number is expected to sit at around $6.25 Billion in 2024.

The Consulting and the Self-Education markets that include books, audio programs, retreats, online and offline seminars, workshops, and courses is exploding!

Why? Because the number of new challenges and opportunities continues to grow at a rapid pace, and traditional educational institutions just can’t keep up with the pace, and that’s where practitioners and experts who are on the leading edge of their sectors become more valuable and sought after.

So, how much of that pie are you getting right now?

And how much of the pie do you want to get?

The great news is that, because of advancements in technologies and training, starting, or growing an Expert business nowadays is a lot easier than it was years ago.

It’s also within reach of most people’s budgets.

There are 3 main things anyone needs to succeed in the Expert business:

  • A good offer that truly helps people solve their problems and reach their objectives.
  • Attention to that offer. (We’re talking about letting people know to that your solution exists - and there are countless ways to do that).
  • An effective way to convert interested prospects into Clients or Customers without being pushy or manipulative.

Of course, like in everything in life...

There are some challenges that Experts need to overcome to achieve that, including:

  • Not having absolute clarity on the target market or one specific niche they want to or should serve;
  • They have questions about whether their market is too crowded already, or not. Is it too late for them? Did they miss the boat?
  • How do they stand out from the competition?
  • How much should they charge for their programs or products?
  • They fear they don’t have an effective and predictable marketing system to attract an overflow of highly qualified prospects consistently;
  • Should they offer a free lead magnet? Should they do a short video sales letter? How about a webinar? Or it’s a 5-day challenge the best option for them?
  • There’s also the issue of them not having an effective and scalable fulfillment system to provide “Wow” service for their Clients;
  • Should they focus on one-on-one Coaching to make it more intimate? Or should they do group coaching to leverage their time?
  • How about an effective Client multiplier system that allows them to turn 1 client into 2, 3 or more Clients?

They’re also not sure if a website or an online sales funnel is best.

How about setting up email follow up campaigns, figuring out payment systems, graphic design, copywriting, figuring out the best headlines or hooks, the most effective bullet points?

Then it’s about how to generate traffic. Do they use Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads? How about YouTube videos? Do they post on social media every day? Do they use LinkedIn or not? Should they create a Podcast? Should they blog? How often should they create content? Is it even worth it?

And so many other questions!

It sure can get very overwhelming with all the options available and the complexity that we can run into. I’m no stranger to that.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Like I said...

I have a gift for you...

It’s an on-demand training video that will help you get going in the right direction.

If you want to get at least some of those questions answered, you’ll make a great decision right now to access the training and going through it to get the benefits from it.

And by the way, in case you’re wondering, there’s nothing for sale at the end of the training.

The reason I’m offering this valuable training at no cost is that I want to connect with more mission and purpose-driven men and women in this field and learn more about what’s holding them back from moving up to the next level in their careers or businesses so I can design a more effective program to support them.

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